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  • Product Inspection

    100% Inspection. When the product is 100% finished, before or after the products are packaged, we check the appearance, workmanship, function, safety of each product according to the customer's requirements at the location specified by the customer

  • Industrial Inspection

    Industrial Inspection. Testcoo provides non-destructive testing, factory audit, project management service, final inspection, supervisor loading service, pre-shipment inspection service, expediting service, etc

  • Loading Supervision

    Loading Supervision it provides witness to the loading process, to make sure the correct quantity and cartons in good condition are loaded into containers having good condition.

  • Sampling Picking Service

    Sampling Picking Service to ensures that the samples are collected randomly from mass production batchin order to counter “pre-arranged” samples arranged by factories to represent mass production batches

  • Audit

    Audit it is a service to audit supplier files and review on site, get the real information, then evaluate the supplier’s legal qualification, organization chart, worker groups, facilities, production capacity and internal quality management

  • Sampling Picking Service

    Testing it is handing our product testing protocol, set up the testing plan for minimum cost to meet your local regulation. Negotiation testing price with assigned lab to save your cost. (Services covered CE CERTIFICATION, REACH, ROS, TOYS REGULATION, EN71, ISO8124, US REGULATION, CA65, CPSC, CPSIA, FOOD GRADE LFGB, FDA)

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