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What is Factory Assessment

It is a service to audit supplier of files & on site review, get the real information, then

evaluate supplier' s legal qualification, organizer chart, worker groups, facilities,

production capacity and internal quality management. To ensure the business proceed

correctly in safety, quality, action, production and shipment before order issued. Normally,

we will do the assessment service according to the checklist as following:

1. Legal Assessment

2. Human Resource Assessment

3. Production Procedure & Capacity

4. Research & Development Capacity

5. Quality Management System

6. Social Compliance System

7. Environment Management

8. Finance Position

Advantages of using Testcoo Inspection Services

Why Testcoo?

·5 minutes instant online order

·$149/MD for Inspection everywhere in China

·24 Hours to schedule order and get report

·15,000+ inspectors in China and Southeast Asian countries

Inspectors at your doorstep: We have more than 15,000 inspectors based at more

than10 Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia,

Pakistan, India,Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines…) and Turkey. Our international

team supports reliability,conveniently, safely of your products and requires with

internet solutions.

Monitor orders throughout the process: Our customers able to see the whole

process of the orders which placed via Testcoo website or App. Allowed to check

whether your personal inspector reached your requirement or not.

Professional QC team: All the engineers, inspectors and auditors from Testcoo

were trained in Western Business Standards allcommunicate clearly in English

providing you excellent detailed, pictorial and video “Inspection Report”.

Testcoo guarantee: Whether the manufactory with long distance or not, whether the

order is complicated or not, Testcoo customers will receive report fastest within 24

hours in international standards.

Your Personal Inspection Specialist

Testcoo inspection services with more than 15,000 trained inspectors based at over ten

Southeast Asian countries. All inspection report are strictly in accordance with European

& USA standards. Our inspection services are coverage over 7 continents 200 countries

client. Choosing inspection services from Testcoo will help you ensure the quality of your

products and reduce uncontrollable risk.

Our Inspector Coverage Area

From $149/MD for Testcoo Services

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