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Testcoo to Expand More Overseas Inspection Business in Southeast Asia

from:Internet · 2019-03-30 12:13:25

With the establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, trade with Southeast Asian countries has become more and more frequent. Because of rising domestic production costs, many trading companies also choose to outsource orders to factories in Southeast Asian countries. Due to the generally low level of production technology and quality control in Southeast Asian countries, it is particularly important to inspect the quality of import and export products or outsourcing orders in Southeast Asia. TESTCOO has expanded inspection services in Southeast Asia to meet the inspection needs in Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Southeast Asia is located in southeastern Asia, including the Indo-China Peninsula and Malaya two parts. Indochina peninsula is located in the south of China named after the southern slender part of the Malay Peninsula. Malay Islands, scattered in the vast sea between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, is the largest archipelago in the world with more than 20,000 islands and an area of about 2.43 million square kilometers.

Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic and potential areas in the world. Now, in Southeast Asia, the economies of countries except Singapore are lagging behind. In the new world political and economic pattern in the future, the political and economic role and strategic status of Southeast Asia will become even more important. Southeast Asia is China's southern neighbor and has been a China's access to the world since ancient times. Historically, most countries have friendly exchanges with China and are closely linked politically, economically and culturally, and in the long history of exchanges, the Chinese people and people of all countries in Southeast Asia have formed profound friendship. In the future, with the rapid economic development and social progress of China and Southeast Asian countries, the bilateral and multilateral friendly and cooperative relations will also enter a period of continuous development and closer historical period.

It is precisely because of the strong demand of local export industries for the third-party inspection and the response to the global plan of "One Belt and One Road", Testcoo has been focusing on the more long-bound neighboring countries and regions. Testcoo has established a branch in Bangladesh in earlier time. Now, in order to meet the needs of the global business development, Testcoo starts inspection service in Southeast Asia. It is believed that the "Internet + Inspection" mode with "Global Digitalization" core will provide a quicker, more convenient and better price inspection service for the companies in need of third-party inspection service and factories auditing in Southeast Asia. I think Testcoo mode will become a transition for the traditional third-party inspection.

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