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April Fools' Day Alert to All Buyers:

from:Internet · 2019-04-03 9:13:36

--------How to avoid being a sucker by getting fool by your vendors?

Every international buyer knows profits and risks are mutual existence for buying overseas. Once the deposit is given, either you send someone trustworthy to monitor the production process or you simply can not sleep well. Facing the scenario: “Your vendors are 1000km+ away.”, “They could be fooling you.”, “Your goods can be potboilers.” After doing all the researches, it only left you with convincing yourself that “Life isn’t always difficult.”

As a matter of fact, there is a possibility that your vendor is recklessly fooling you. Yes, it is a reckless decision. They will definitely lose your future orders. However people don’t always have a choice. The factory may currently experiencing financial difficulty or a renewal of management which leads to poor quality supervision. Even worse, they are already on full production capacity and don’t care about losing your orders. There are always chances that your goods are made shoddy.

How to avoid being a sucker by getting fool by your vendors?

Here is the wise advice: find a trustworthy third party inspection company to help you. Let’s remind you more: a trustworthy one, not necessarily a big one. Although the big ones possess with good reputation, they might not actually bring you with a cost-effective pricing. Wiser should choose one that provides actual reliable services instead of simply reputation.

How do we find out whether the service is reliable?

The answer is “Personal involvement”.

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