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How important of the inspection in textile industry?

from:Internet · 2019-04-03 9:24:50

In an environment in which brands and retailers are feeling pinched by consumer price demands, shoppers’ changing tastes and their seemingly endless options, companies are grappling with new concerns like the need to develop products faster while balancing them against age-old challenges like bettering communications.

The industry’s focus on speed has resulted in a lose-lose for both the brand and the consumer when it comes to quality. Fast fashion and speed to market has created a lower standard of quality and consumers are noticing. Shopping has become frustrating when fabric feels inexpensive and sewing and construction is poor. Overall quality of goods has consistently declined over the past 10 years.

In the midst of these competing demands, brands and retailers are left vulnerable to negative consumer reaction if quality slips, creating public relations headaches when their troubles make headlines. As a result, the industry is racing to find solutions—and to bring quality control out of the Dark Ages.

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